Gods Temple In Jerusalem the Time to re-build

Now is the Time to re-build Gods Temple In Jerusalem

Long ago the temple to God was destroyed for the second time.

His love will fall on us when we rebuild it in our time.

Now is that time

Rebuilding Gods Temple

The Israelites were given a land of their own after being rescued from Egypt,

the proviso was that they live by certain laws.

If they did not follow these laws they would at first suffer all kinds of hardship

and if this did not set them back on the straight and narrow

it would be followed by being removed from the land.

This happened to them again and again.

There is an analogy with our own times, things are not good and neither is the way we behave.

Over my life time I have watched behaviour, morals degrade

 and the belief in God fade from most peoples minds.

I started reading the Bible to see if what had been fed to me as a child was true.

I am not a member of any religion.

Now at 71 and many years of reading, mostly

two pages a day starting at the creation, the beginning of the Old Testament and finishing

after Christ's death, at the end of the New Testament.

All the things you have in this world are of no value in the end,

the very rich often end their own lives as you will be aware.

Do not be frightened by death, it is not the end rather the beginning of eternity


 “The gracious hand of our God is on everyone who looks to him,

but his great anger is against all who forsake him.”

08 02 17


To be continued shortly God Bless : )